Hand Therapy Center of the South Bay is an occupational therapy provider for patients with upper extremity pain or injury (hand, wrist, elbow & shoulder). A unique aspect of our therapy service is manufacturing custom splints and braces for patients with upper extremity conditions. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, excellent quality and same day delivery.

Hand Therapy Center provides excellence in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation. Including:

•    Wrist/Hand fractures
•    Elbow injury/reconstruction
•    Shoulder injury
•    Tendon/Nerve injury
•    Amputations
•    Carpal Tunnel/Tendon
•    Arthritis
•    Sprains/Strains
•    Joint replacements

Our Treatments Include:
•    Individualized Evaluations
•    Edema Control Techniques
•    Wound Care
•    Modalities (light/laser therapy, ultrasound, iontophoresis, biofeedback, paraffin, hot/cold packs and
     neuromuscular electrical stimulation)
•    Scar Management Techniques
•    Custom & Prefabricated Splinting
•    Sensory Re-Education
•    Range of Motion and Strengthening Exercises
•    Functional and Daily Activities
•    Manual Therapy including joint and soft tissue mobilization
•    BTE Work/Task Simulator
•    Work Hardening/Conditioning
•    Ergonomic Education
•    Patient Education and Home Exercise Programs

Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, hand therapy, wrist hand fractures, Elbow injury reconstruction, Joint replacements, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Tendon, Amputations, Sprains, Shoulder, Nerve